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welcome to my world

a day in the life

24 May 1984
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Won't go back
Already played that track
Won't turn around
Even when shit goes down
I remember all the lies
All the tears I cried
Live for today
Love until it takes my breath away


"I just felt it, momma.
It was like a wave came over me,
& as I started to sing & as I was lifted up,
I got higher & higher & higher"

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My name is Brianna, and this is my journal. I'm just gonna write what goes on in my life. My user name is modern day eve because of Shannon Cutts. Check out her website: www.shannoncutts.com
I have an eating disorder, and I'm at a cross road with it. Please don't add me if you are pro ana, pro mia, or pro ED or anything like that. I write about everything, so don't lecture me on what I write. I love LJ so much, and I like to make LJ friends. If you add me I'll probably add you back.

This is life. No regrets. NEVER look back. I'm letting you in.

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"Hell yeah I'm the motherfucking princess."